Using quotes to spark the inner designer...

Posted by Barb Hudson on

 It never ceases to amaze me that you can find something to spark the inner designer almost anywhere... sometimes it's pretty obvious and at other times the linkage is pretty obscure, and usually it is completely unexpected! The picture on the left is a quote in chalk at the lovely cafe where we went for breakfast on Sunday. A lovely place and the first time we'd been out for breakfast for many months.. to have the bonus of finding a quote I can now use for a retro blanket based cushion cover just made the day! Not quite sure how it will get a 3D look but I'm sure something will come to mind before I start (or perhaps finish!)

 The second quote is a lovely one commissioned to add the final touch to a beautiful hand knitted baby rug for a young mum expecting her fourth child...  but her first girl. The colour in the picture is accurate and the rug was a lovely brick and cream combination.

The contrast of creating embroidery and jewellery is a pleasant way to have a change of media while still being able to be creative, it's amazing how much you are creating in your head the opposite of what your'e working on... and sometimes the two intermingle.

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