The latest of the popular 3D cushions

Posted by Barb Hudson on

Today I finished the pouncing kitten 3D cushion ready to take into Creative Tauranga to see if they were interested in having it. Loving creating these thread pictures ... it does things on so many levels. From giving a donation to the blanket seller, deciding what to do and executing the initial embroidered picture through to adding the 3D elements which make it come alive. Each cushion is an individual little picture ... this one is executed in dark grey and purple throughout with the stitched feathers hand sewn on at the end to make them look light and will make a lovely cushion or throw cover. (It is $65 + postage... message me if you'd like it). I'm happy to take orders for other colour ways thought they will always be different. The next one in the pouncing Kitten series will be a fawn/brown cat pouncing on a ball on a brown/peach soft olive-green background... I'll put the picture up here when it is done.

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