The busyness of the last few weeks and only two elephant bracelets exist

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What a diverse few weeks have just gone by.. the third term issue
of Good Teacher Magazine was uploaded on Monday... again it's 80 pages of interesting reading... Usually I can suggest a few favourites but not this time!

It was pretty amusing to be contacted by a national company today to see if they were too late to be included!!! perhaps next term I'll send them a reminder...

I loved that the first person to 'like' the magazine on the facebook page was a teacher from Syria.. I still marvel at the magazine being so international. You can find the direct link to read the magazine online or to download the fully interactive pdf to read later at:  remember the magazine is uploaded on the first day of each of New Zealand's four school terms.

The markets and jewellery fun has continued... we love the market days, we meet so many interesting people and then some of the stories we're told...!

We were given some items to repurpose and the one here was a real challenge however I know that the two bracelets in the picture are the only ones in the world... at only $40 each they are not only a cost effective little piece of history getting a second life but they are also really lovely! It was a challenge deciding how to best use the elephants but the end result is just right.One has six elephants and the other has seven... so I guess it's a case of linking it to the one nearest your lucky number!... We will have these bracelets at the little vintage market at Astrolab Bar on Sunday 26... Remember, once they are sold there are no more..

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