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It has been a copper extravaganza in the studio lately. Experimenting and keeping notes on the pressures used to flatten wire in the rolling mill isn't everyone's idea of 'being creative' but it is necessary so you can get the same result in the future or, in our case, when there is the possibility that a similar effect might be created in sterling silver... handy to know how much to order before you start rather than finding out that you have to stop the process because you are short by 5cm!

We're part way through loading the new copper chains, necklaces, bracelets and earrings on the website (and doing posts in Facebook and on Instagram), while still creating more. They are beautiful and we are mindful that many people prefer copper to sterling for the warmth of the colour. We've also noticed that the copper tones really suit some complexions too, as always jewellery is such a personal choice!

Copper Ovals

The copper finishes we're developing cover a huge range of effects.From the shiny, brandnew,  polished to the hilt but difficult to photograph finish we are all used to, to a combination of that with a flamed patina or non polished contrast. On some of the chains we've used more silver solder than usual and not hidden it but made it an integral part of the finished item adding a little flash of silver to contrast with the copper.

We have also extended the range of copper cuffs we make to now include 'Cuffs with a secret message'. While these come with a range of finishes on the outside, similar to those we have made for a while... it is when you look inside that you see the 'secret' word or phrase. We have decided to also offer to stamp the word or phrase our customer would like  if we haven't already made it.

All our copper is finished as naturally as possible. A final polish with jewellers wax is how we set the patina and protect the glow. As a base or pure metal all copper develops its own special patina, however almost all can be polished back to their original effect.

Remembering all the time that anything we make in copper can be recreated in sterling silver... texture, patina, colour, finish can all be done... not totally identical as all items are created by hand from flat metal, tubing or wire so everything we create is unique to that item.

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