Merry Christmas has gone we can head into the New Year

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What a lovely time of the year Christmas and New Year are... in my life, it's winding down from work and being able to concentrate on developing and creating new ideas. Then there are the markets!. Christmas in the Park ended in a very wet windy evening which was a real pity as the general vibe was terrific and those people who did venture out into the 'scotch mist' were all very good-humoured and prepared to enjoy themselves despite the unfortunate weather. That said once the heavens opened and the rain began bucketing down we were all pretty relieved to pack up and go home. After getting home we had to empty the market gazebo and stock out into a dry area to ensure it dried off completely and the table covers headed straight for the laundry! Still being involved in the markets we just take the good with the bad ... if there's no possible postponement date then it's a case of go ahead or cancel and we've found its best to take a pragmatic approach to whatever happens... weather control is something man hasn't yet mastered!

When not dreaming up new designs I've been creating earrings which will wend their way to the markets if they're not bought through Facebook (please search for and like the Barisa page)

The black and white ones are a bit of fun ... if you have a sense of humour like mine...great conversation starters and imagine the fun you could have if you had two pairs and mixed things up a bit! 

The shell flower and brass leaf earrings which also come in light gold and green were principally created to compliment necklaces (also featuring shell flowers and brass) were finished just before Christmas day... These would look lovely on black as a statement or just as a unique 'one off' item to wear with anything. 

I've hastily photographed a couple of the necklaces to include so please excuse the shine on some of the flowers. I've just noticed as I type that none of the flower items match, which goes some way towards proving what a rush the necklaces were photographed least they give a great idea of colours available!

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