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While making jewellery there are a few different aspects to what I like to photograph. Here's the first...

I like to photograph parts of the process of making (as long as I actually remember to interrupt myself and actually stop and do it!) I love having the reminder and those interested in what I'm doing seem to like seeing the process in action.... and no I don't see myself making a video any time soon!

First step is selecting the stone if a stone is going to be used at all in the particular ring. It's handy to have a range of shapes and sorts of gemstones on hand.... sometimes the planned design might change when for example in the following case the pink quartz just lent itself better than the other two and I had some complimentary teardrop shaped stones in pink and white quartz to make into what could stand alone or be stacker rings.

Having decided on the stone the size of the ring and weight of the silver to be used has to be considered and decided.. bigger ring = more supportive band... shape and colour of the stone needs a carefully seleced bezel (side walls) to compliment the stone. A light delicate bezel tends to look out of place and unbalanced on a dark chunky stone. Having chosen a bezel to compliment and not distract it's just a case of getting on with the job!

This isn't a case of just slapping it together lighting the flame and soldering all the bits... it requires planning the order.... remembering to start soldering with hard solder and gradually working through to very easy solder for the last joins... remembering to quench and pickle the metal at regular intervals so it doesnt get hard, brittle and crack or snap.... then of course there is the decision on what finish to have to suit the stone.... whether to use patina or not, to have a matt or a mirror finish on the silver and having done all those steps finally finishing with setting the stone in, making sure the bezel fits and is curved in enough to hold the stone in place and finally doing a finishing polish.

Excuse the colouring of this photograph taken just before the bezel was curved in... for some reason the stones look very orange which they are not! 

I also  they to also get a photo of the jewellery on someone. This gives some idea of both shape and style. So this is the record of three rings... but then they need to be photographed for the website...... Next time!

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