Heading towards Winter..2017

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(subtitled: Where is this year vanishing to?)

It's a lovely day outside.. autumn at its best with little wind, fewer clouds and the need to discard any warmth saving clothing which we put over the standard leggings and a tunic!

However I know this won't last and the winter markets are soon upon us with the first Little Big Market on the 6th of May (at Coronation Park at the Mount) and lots of others to follow. We have gone from having a market a month some years ago to finding it is now unusual to have a weekend off and that there are increasing numbers of multi day events as well as the 9 to 2 saturday ones we have become accustomed to. Not only that but we have also found that we comfortably fit into the retro/vintage scene as well as enjoying car events whether it is specific brands, classics, hot rods, or dragsters we seem to be able to fit each niche with accessories which are appreciated! So the world is not just standard markets any more and what an interesting world it is proving to be... it's amazing stepping into the different worlds each market seems to inhabit and the people we are meeting are such diverse, interesting and often fascinating market goers.


To fit with all this and as a natural progression we have gradually increased what we can offer... from jewellery, crochet and hair clips we now also have the Barisa Studio range of sterling silver/brass/copper and aluminium stock which is 'one off' designer wares. we have also extended our range of hair clips to include those which totally suit retro and vintage dressing and victory rolls and other swept up '40s and '50s 'do's'.. these now also come with large bows, or flowers and will soon also include sets of flowers with a couple of combs attached which will revolutionise decorating after you have finished getting your hair swept up. The other hair accessory which is proving popular with both young and old is the Korkers (oft referred to as Korkels) which we can customise (as we can most items we sell)  as far as hair elastic goes they're a real step up and we will soon be adding new smaller ones specifically for babies and toddlers... with elastic for those with longer locks and on clips for those celebrating their gradually growing hair.


Another addition has been within the crochet range (again we can customise anything in this range). we now not only have our well known Scoods which come in a wide range of colours and fibres but we also now have neck wraps for a smoother line around the neck. 

The neck wraps don't have the advantage of the scood, which can of course convert into a hood, but they are in themselves a lovely addition to a wardrobe... the majority of them also feature vintage buttons which we look out for wherever we go. As with the Scoods they are pretty much 'one off's' so the range is continually changing.

With all of the above mentioned there is the ability to customise or commission for yourself. This possibility will soon be available in the store which should finally, after numerous stops and starts, be up and running in the very near future (we're looking at before the end of May 2017). We will make sure there is a special announcement when it goes live so you too can wander through our site and perhaps see a few things you have never noticed in the market stall!

Until then .... If you want to order anything email is the way to go or comment on here... our response time is pretty good!

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