What a busy long summery weekend...

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Happy Anniversary to the old Auckland Province and thank goodness where I live was once part of that area, even if it is no longer.... we still get to benefit from their anniversary day and gain a lovely long weekend at the end of every January. And what a lovely fine weekend it has been. We have spent our time finishing off items for the market next weekend and working out what we need to take (the thought of fitting it all into my Golf is still a bit of a worry but we'll manage) This being our first market we realise it will take longer to prepare and set up, but at least we will hopefully have made most of the mistakes possible by the time we have finished (and learnt from them!) Then the next two should be much easier...ah the fear of the unknown!

Setup1Still this was the view from the lounge (late afternoon) as we tried a set-up... some of which is sure to change depending on mood and positioning of our site...

I'm loving the effect though.. and also the pretty seamless re-purposing.... the stand thrown out by the post office, the old television tables which were probably heading for the next skip, the mirror stored (unused) in back of the studio toilet, and the plant stand we found at the local hospice for about $10... as I said previously spray paint is my friend! There are lots of things missing and we do have some chairs to fit in at the back, along with the probable addition of a mannequin to fit in... this set-up was really to consider where to put the resin/metal things and to think about what else we needed to get to help with the  display. The time taken to put the tent up is turning into a competitive event with each effort expected to be quicker than the last...

All we can hope for now as we spend evenings on finishing touches and pricing, is that Saturday is a fine day... until at least 3 pm anyway!

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