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Creating items for the online shop is fantastic but there has to be a regular time set aside to photograph them. Otherwise the pile of stock ...stockpiles! And the site looks slightly bare while the stock lurks alone in boxes waiting for its turn.

So here are some of the pile of new crochet beanies... soon to make an appearance...the one already on the site needs company! These are all individually crafted and no two are the same... as with many items on the site we are able to create for individual requirements...just contact us and ask!
Also in the little box the jewellery additions lurk, waiting not only to be photographed but also for some of them.... waiting for their chain, ribbon, or if they have neither then they need their protective wee plastic bag. We've decided that all the jewellery will now be sold with their own chiffon bag... There's nothing better to protect them. Again almost all of the items are created by Barisa, whether they are made by us or not is shown on the site under individual items.. our creations have Barisa listed as the brand.
Making new items is always a lovely creative time...often there seems to be not enough time but we do what we can. Lately we have been developing and creating a range of pendants.... developing a range is a bit of a misnomer as very few of them are alike, in fact the Barisa ones are, again, all individual. We can create almost the same and are happy to take commissions however the nature of hand created is that there will be some difference no matter how small or how hard you try to duplicate the original.
Hopefully by the next time I'll have some photos of the new uploads!

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