Suggestions for Happy Heels

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I wore my Happy Heels all one day and asked my friend Lyn if she would trial a pair for us too...she is renown for her vertiginous heels!
When she arrived at work with her Happy Heels on I wondered if they would stay on her shoes all day, or if she would get tired with them but no she wore them all day, commenting on how she didn't find her heel slipping down between the boards on the decking, and on how the suede would be safe from muddy ground too...we've all managed to strip the suede from heels at some time or other... it seems to be the first part of the shoe to go and it is such an obvious place! Comments from others were what a sensible idea and how they would make very narrow heels more secure... just what I found when I wore them the other day. By the way these are not Lyn's highest heels... hopefully she'll bring some more in and we can take some photos for an advertisement!... I'll keep you posted.

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