Darn....Valentines Day is coming

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While I'm not a huge supporter of Keyhearta splashing hearts all over the place and tend to find the rampant commercialisation of valentines day to be a little over the top and frequently a bit crass...  I do however  think there is a place for an all year round acknowledgement of romance in the world... in a slightly more subtle form... Hence the embroidery on the right. We're going to do them in a few different colour-ways (pinks, browns, blues, greens and of course Shades of Grey!) and then mount them on foam board as pictures. As the embroidery isn't large we might also try making it into some cute little softies...                    They'd look great as little features/focal points on a bed.                                                   If you'd like one message or email us or come to the little big market and see them there.

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