Daisies galore and a new banner

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Two part, clear, quick dry epoxy.. fantastic glue but the limited time frame can be taxing! However it is essential for attaching bails on necklaces so I use it fairly regularly... I've found it best to have everything lined up ready to go...it dries so fast you can't afford to have to go looking for something or to find you don't have a necessary tool. When using epoxy it can become a bit of a production line. There is a slower drying one but the bails sometimes move a bit while drying so the fast dry one is preferable to keep an eye on what is happening.DaisyBailsa This whole epoxy thing was brought to mind as I attached bails to the daisies and chrysanthemums which I wanted to give the effect or appearance of ivory. I once bought a lovely pair of daisy shaped ivory earrings which I loved. (This was long ago when it was not illegal or even frowned on.) They seemed so summery and Daisyfrontsawent with absolutely everything. So I though it would be a great challenge to make some daisy pendants which had that same ivory look and summery appeal. You can see the result on the right..yellow centres, and that lovely ivory creamy colour (except for the pale one at the top!) The are made from another form of epoxy resin... definitely no elephants harmed in their creation! While the glued bails were setting I was finishing the banner for the stall at the Little Big market... I've wanted to make a banner for some time but wasn't sure how ... so in the end I just got on with it (the ruler and accompanying measuring became my temporary best-friend!) ....and here is the result... the picture is also on rotate on this blog, and the new header for the barisa Facebook page. (The letters look like they have been added in Photoshop but they were actually embroidered in satin stitch onto the black material!) Bannerweb

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  • Wow wow wow. Those daisy and chrysanthemum are just stunning. I love how classic they look. Can’t wait to see them. Love the banner!

    Toni on

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