Cute dinosaur pendants

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While experimenting we thought there was scope for something cute with wide-ranging appeal... hence the Dinosaur project begins... It may well become competition for the robot army although the robots are much bigger.. somehow the cuteness of the dinosaurs is likely to garner as much attention Dinos1We will be making them in similar colour-ways to the robots, both transparent and matt finished, and with and without sparkles (these ones are actually a very soft pale green... my photography leaves a little to be desired sometimes!). While the dinosaurs will look really neat as pendants they could also make very cute brooches. The ones in the photograph are not yet finished but I couldn't wait to share them. We are also working as quickly as possible on the new 25 mm round earrings so we have a reasonable supply for the Little Big Market on Saturday the second of February... Looks like in the long weekend coming up we will be really busy preparing.  

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