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copperwashers2 Imagine having the option, or ability to choose whatever words you want to have on a pendant of stacking rings in shiny or antique copper, aluminium or brass (I'll see how we go with stainless steel!). Being able to stand and select the unique combination which says just what you want to say....or perhaps means something significant to a friend as a very special gift. Even going one step further and commissioning exactly what you want!copperwasher1

We are trialling this ...have compiled a long list of possible words and will have them at the markets... Ready to compile and hang on a chain of any length... Or make into key rings...Or perhaps hang on a bracelet or bangle? The thing to ponder as I write is whether having decided on the finish... Antique or shiny...whether it is preferable to, when the stamping and highlighting is finished, spray on a coat of matt polyurethane to help retain the finish or whether they should be left to weather naturally...I'm wearing the set of three in the photograph unsprayed to see how they weather and after a couple of weeks I'm leaning towards using the spray... After all I'd like something I'd bought to retain the look it had when I first bought it for longer than a couple of weeks. I know they can easily be re-polished up to their original lustre very easily but why should someone buying it have to? It would be like buying a silver service which turned to tarnished black after the first month! So the inspirational word search continues as we start stamping the ones we think will be the most popular... It will be a little bit of trial and error ... I also have some pretty little charms which are looking for a new home so perhaps they can also be polished up and an additional option for the personalisation process.... Then, of course, we have to decide on how we can best display this new option on the stall

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