Re-purposing bangles and collars

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When friends decided to change from having a shop into becoming superb cafe proprietors we took some of their stock jewellery and, with their agreement, started re-purposing it to sell on our market stall ...  through here and on the Barisa page on Facebook (please go there, check it out and do us a favour by liking it!) The first adaptation we made was a feather collar... beautiful iridescent feathers but possibly neck-wear which would only have very limited appeal. feathers1We carefully deconstructed it and made it into earrings with little brass charms to add a little more 'bling'... these we'll sell as a pair though we're quite happy to sell one with a partner which is small and plain or even as a single earring.. feathers2they are really beautiful and we've already sold a couple of pair. If you're interested they are $30 a pair.. and we're happy to work out the postage and send them to you...or to a friend... we even gift wrap! The other items we changed were two lovely bangles which were perfect except they had faded through inadvertently being left in the sun. bangles1This left them looking washed out and really pretty uninteresting. We had a few options ... we could try selling them as they were, but that really wasn't considered... we could cover them in metal and make them look like embossed metallic bangles... which is still an option if they don't sell as they are ... The decision we eventually made was to paint them with alcohol based inks - the colours in the photographs are pretty accurate. Using these inks gave the security of knowing they won't fade in a hurry... the colour won't rub off and they have changed from a washed out item with a pattern which is barely defined into a vibrant bangle which would look bangles2fantastic as a 'pop of colour' with a black/grey/neutral outfit... or to add even more colour to a tropical outfit, We finished them with a polish with beeswax to give a warm glow rather than a shiny/glossy finish. If you're interested in these please get in touch... they are $30 each (+postage) though we would probably be happy to sell them together for $50 and postage.    

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