Pendant adventure in wood and aluminium... part 2

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While the second coat of colour was drying properly on the wooden rings I decided to make a pendant from the circle with the holes around the perimeter.rings4 rings5 I wanted to introduce an interesting metal element to the pendant so picked out a black and silver anodised aluminium with a swirling almost paisley pattern, and after scoring a circle a little bigger than the circumference of the center circle of the ring..I had the task of sawing it as accurately as possible with the jewelers saw. I next domed the metal gently until it could fit firmly into the ring.Putting the rounded circle of aluminium to one side I glued and hammered black eyelets in each of the holes both from the outside and on the inside as well... you can just see them in the first picture. The next step was to glue the edge of the metal (just to make sure it would stay put) and inserted it into its place in the centre of the pendant... it butts up against the back edge of the eyelets. The back of the aluminium had a protective coating of plastic this stayed in place until the circle was inset and when removed left a lovely pure black indented circle contrasting against the grain of the wooden surround. The next step (pendant adventure in wood and aluminium part 3)  will be the finishing.. deciding on the method, how it will be suspended.. metal, leather or cord?  Using a bail or threading it through some of the eyelets... Part three will cover the finishing.

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