Pendant adventure in wood and aluminium... part 1

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I came across these wooden rings in a bric a brac place (for that read totally rings2disorganized junk yard) in Adelaide. There were seven of them on that old piece of green plastic coated wire. I have absolutely no idea what they were created for but thought they might be re-purposed into a variety of interesting pendants. They seem to be pretty old, the wood is very light and dry and each one looks like it is three sheets of wood laminated together..not plywood as the sheets are too thick. There are holes drilled through to the middle of each ring which line up around the circle.. there are also faint pencil marks showing positioning. while they aren't very rough I'd guess that they have had very little sanding so will need some attention before staining. I've used the first of the rings and the first step of thatrings1 is what this post is about. I cut the rings into three with the band-saw and did initial sanding with the tabletop sander... the size of the ring is such that the band-saw couldn't do a cut in one run and the ring had to be re-positioned around to make the cuts... I could have sawn it by hand but I trust my use of the band-saw more than my ability to saw wood..(metal is fine.. wood...I work on the principal that that is what electric tools are for!) The result as in the photo was three rings, the slightly thicker one from the middle has the holes and is the one I used first... I then coloured the wood using a commercial wood stain. However I wasn't very happy with the result and it was still pretty tacky the next day...rings3 so I rubbed the rings with paper towels and did a second coat of colour using permanent scrapbooking to the right...I wanted the grain to show but also wanted the wood dark enough to go with the additions I intended making and also to be appealing as a very versatile and usable piece of jewellery In the next post I'll cover the rest of the work on the first pendant and some of the ideas for the other two from this initial ring. If you have any idea what these wooden rings were for please leave a comment or email ...I'd love to find out.    

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