More from the creative weekend...first rings, then covers!

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Creating different individual embroideries is hugely enjoyable... deciding the colourcushion1a combinations and the positioning, and seeing how far I can let my sense of humour meander also finds favour...However I'll have to admit that the finishing this case making covers...not so fact I put the moment off until I really HAVE to get on and stop putting the job off, procrastinating and diverting into more interesting ventures.. Its crazy really as once I start and get on a run they are accushion2tually quite therapeutic to do, it gives great thinking time (as long as I've done all the measuring and cutting out beforehand), and makes me feel better about the pile of embroidered squares left still waiting for completion! So to continue on activities cushion4 undertaken in the creative weekend.. we now have six covers. I am deliberately not calling them cushion covers as I feel there is a real need for a cover to hide away those throws which were meant to look to look so fashionable draped artfully over the lounge chairs and which actually looked like you had just crawled from underneath to answer the door... What better than a one-off cover to hide them away in? (Of course they can also be filled with cushion filling and add a talking point to your chair... they look great on beds and as an accent in a monotone room adding splashes of colour).  So frocushion3m the top there is:
  • the scribble heart in shades of violet and purple on a violet background
  • Masks
  • Pointing finger series.. lilac and spider and...cushion5
  • Pointing finger series 'Don't Panic'
  • Lovely sage green cover with the scribble heart stitched in shades of green onto black felt and appliqued onto the covercushion6
  • And finally the flower garden which unfortunately suffers from my poor photography... the four flowers at the back are stitched straight onto the cover fabric while the front ones have been stitched onto black felt, cut out and hand stitched onto the cover giving a lovely 3D cover.
The lilac ones are all on the same base material. The covers are about 42x42 and range in price from $60 to $80 gst inc. with postage extra. These are 'one offs' and won't be repeated so if you're interested just leave a message or email me. Next post..... the 2 ply beanies! A wee blast from the past!...

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