Hair accessories occasionally go to the dogs!

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There is a much earlier post about the hair accessories we make but as they have gradually become more and more popular I felt it was time to add another delve into the diversity which is the world of hair accessories.dogclip When we decided to also add hair jewellery (perhaps that should be hair accessories!... they are not made from hair!) to the collection little did we know that they would not only be attractive to little girls - though they are our most ardent admirers and very persuasive with grandmothers! - we have also had the most entertaining conversation with customers who need to purchase for their small dogs, for business women who want to still have that corporate look but also to add a little flair with toning hair clips... then there are the vintage look felt flowers which also have ended as brooch Clips1substitutes, hat trims and cardigan adornments rather than just being plonked in hair to quell unruly elements. The clips are created in bursts... glue is an unforgiving thinclips2g and there seems to usually be a spiderweb of glue strands on the table and floor after each session creating new clips... there are frequently less than 4 of any combination and often they are 'one offs'. They are great fun to make decisions on combinations for, and it never ceases to surprise us which ones sell at any one time... There are decisions made by the prospective wearer...ones influenced by a mother or grandmother though sometimes their persuasion techniques - practised as they may be - fail under the onslaught of an under 10-year-old who really does know what she wants! The pride they take in bringing them up and paying for them themselves followed by the obvious delight when they find they get their own pretty bag to keep them in is lovely to see and something we never tire of. Of course, watching the little girls who persuade their dad that they 'really need' some more are another entertainment. We are especially delighted when customers tell us they are sending the clips they are buying overseas to daughters and granddaughters..or that they are for use by a wedding party.. we are happy to - as with the jewellery - take commissions for special events and love working with customers to ensure they get exactly what they have envisioned. So while our hair accessories occasionally go to the dogs we find that they appear to have universal appeal...both canine and human!

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