First Little Vintage Market for winter

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Saturday was the first day of the Winter vintage-1-14b Little Vintage Markets in the Senior Citizens Hall at the Mount. While it was a lovely wintry start to the day it managed to appear distinctly summery by the middle of the day and a few of lovely people passing by who stopped to chat wondered if we'd prefer to be in the position of the other market in the Field (by Zespri). There is something lovely about the atmosphere and vibe of the Vintage Market.. even the slightly unloved hall vintage-1-14c with the very retro if not vintage furniture is most appropriate for us to be in with our presence heralded by the lovely flower stall outside. There are only about 20 stalls and the range and variety of vintage and vintage style goods is huge. And then there is the food...french crepes, cupcakes amazing coffee and varieties of tea.. our position in the tea room area is not only warm on a chilly morning but also smells divine and gives us a lovely area to display in!vintage-1-14a The vintage market gives us a chance to bring out the crochet. The crochet always attracts interest... whether it is mothers telling their daughters they should learn how to crochet so they could make beanies... through to the ladies who have crocheted in the past and appreciate the work and effort used in designing and creating what they see. This year we have scoods.. .mobius scarf/hoods, headbands which pull down to become neck warmers, beanies with a rainbow colour range and a multitude of patterns and sizes, baby head bands and flower brooches. In the homeware range we have facecloths with soap and a range of coasters in both 100% cotton and wool. Unlike the usual coasters these wash and wear brilliantly. We are considering taking onboard the current fashion for macrame... should we include this? Please give us your thoughts in the comments below. Of course we had our signature vintage-1-14dearrings and pendants... though we usually try to display those which are in some way considered vintage inspired. That said the retro brooches and pendants carried over from the beach hop attracted interest and of course we managed ..once again.. to sell some Elvis items... it seems every market we sell either a brooch or two or some earrings! The Little Vintage Market happens on the third Saturday of each month... We're already looking forward to the next one though we now get a couple of weekends break before the next Little Big Market in the field on the first saturday of June... That 'break' will be filled with sorting, planning and making things for both markets!  

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