Developing the 'pointing finger' cushion series continues...

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So just as our last cushion... no kiwiana here! sold we are asked if we will display and sell some in the artistic venue (Creative Tauranga) where we already have jewellery on show and for sale. As always I'm amazed anyone could 'get' the humour of the cushions let alone want them but hopefully people looking at them will be as amused as I was while designing and making them!                                                                   Most of them are an extension of my admittedly sometimes offbeat sense of humour.       We have started promoting them, not only as cushions but also as throw covers...,  who really wants a group of untidy throws cluttering up their lounge suitcushion1Untitled-1e when they can be tidily folded and stored inside one of these original 'one off' covers. The pointing finger series is set to continue to be developed. One of the latest is shown here.. this is the fabric ready to be made up into an envelope style cushion cover... the second pic is a close up of the words...  I'm also going to try putting the words on the front of a small tee-shirt or singlet just to see how cute it looks. I finished a couple of the cushion 'finger' embroideries but haven't photographed them yet. The next step (apart from making up the new cushions) will be digitising more words for the new range. It's not a fast process and involves deciding on the font, how it should look, finishing that part in Illustrator then taking it through to the digitising software and finally working out whether I've succeeded through all of the steps with a trial embroidery run... it's pretty frustrating when it doesn't work out how I envision it,  though that said, it's fantastic when you have success on the first run through of the entire process.                                                                                     I did the first (I'll admit it was after watching the Lego movie... 'Everything is awesome!' is the current song worm) and I was happy with the font and highlights... see below. (no it's not as puckered as it looks and the highlights are nearer to the actual colour of the background...) Believe  

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