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Bannerweb The Barisa stall was started to sell jewellery we made at the Little Big Markets. We decided we needed to have a banner which seemed to be 'the thing' every stall holder had, in one form or another, but we also needed to let people know who we were and to have something which would help them identify where our site was at future markets. So we embroidered a banner with our name and then used the same image at the top of our business cards. When the vintage market came round we decided to carry on and use crochetbannervintage wool to make a crochet banner..to run at the front of one of our tables. Feeling we were on a bit of a roll we then made one to suit the theme of the vintage market at the Beach Hop in banner1Whangamata... this one was made using a panel of red/white and blue triangles ready printed... as were another couple of banners we made which were a..pastel and b..Christmas themed a nd useful to give a bit of colour to the inside of the gazebo which is black and with black tablecloths and displays. The most recent banner is one with the flags cut from fat quarters for an Alice in Wonderland themed first birthday party for Alice...below banner2 The banners we have made so far have varying distances between the triangles and this is principally determined by the use to which they are being put... the banners for the stall need to be approximately 10 meters long to drape satisfactorily around three walls of a 3 meter by 3 meter gazebo, while the party and table decorating crochet ones are also more sized to suit the intended display space.  We have been asked if we will make them for sale and of course we are happy to.. however they are all backed (lined) and taking into account the cost of the materials they are not a cheap option... a 9 meter one for a gazebo with double tape ribbon... which can have up to 40 flags can cost about $150... the bonus of this is that if they are looked after they do have a pretty good lifespan and the colours can be done to suit any decor or event.

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  • Stunning colour choice I’d say!

    Barb on
  • Nice Alice in wonderland colour scheme ;)

    Mel on

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