What is a 'Scood'?... you may well ask!

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Cross a Scarf with a Hood and your question is pretty much given the short answer. Scoodsweb The 'Scood' has the benefits of both..... without trailing ends and adding the benefit of retaining warmth while looking good, whether you are using it in scarf mode or needing an ear warming hood... if you need to breathe through something in bitterly cold weather it's also pretty good for that too! This is the latest in a line of scarves evolving into something else... last year I knitted lots of infinity circle scarves, and some of them... through the looseness of the stitches when using complex fibers... stretched to make hoods. So I wondered if there was a place for a refined crocheted version of these... hence the birth of the 'Scood..rhymes with hood' So we trialed them at the Little Vintage Market yesterday closescoodwebalong with some individual (there is only ever one of any design) beanies. We were really delighted at the response and even more so when we sold two 'Scoods' and a beanie...While they are newly designed and made, the fact they were crocheted seemed to make them fit in with the vintage/retro ethos of the market, and the cold weather outside may have helped a little! We had helpful feedback too, and thought it a great idea when babyscoodwebone of our chats to customers brought the suggestion that we tried making 'Scoods' for children and babies.. They stressed that babies and young children tend to pull beanies off at random times and cast them to the winds and they thought that the Scood might stay put a little longer...as well as having the dual usage advantage of being either a scarf or a hood...  So to cut a long story shorter part of today was spent working out the maths of the new patterns and making prototypes... see the candy floss pink example!.  Another comment was that there was very little out there for small boys so one of the new ones will be in a variegated brown crepe just to see if it is appealing to mums with sons. .

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