Vintage market tomorrow and soldering refresher day

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The Little Vintage Market is tomorrow from nine til two so we'll have an early start... we have from 7.30 to 9.00 to setup and not only does it take that much time...we also tend to take too much stock (just in case someone asks for that special thing we actually left at home!) Still it's inside,, we look at the coffee and cupcake stall and have great neighbours..what more could we want?... apart from lots of happy customers. As I mentioned in my last blog... last Sunday was finishing off day.. also I finally had time to give myself a refresher on soldering. I'd been putting this off as I thought I was doomed to failure however I also had some sterling silver wire begging to be made into stacking rings... so Sunday was the day to simply get on with it.Rings Of course I managed to forget my gloves were latex and not fireproof...Cold running water is really a godsend!..however that was a minor hiccup. When I finished I was really pleased with the result..They may be simple but I finished with a great sense of achievement and accomplishment and a renewed confidence that some of the more complex designs I've drawn up may not be out of reach after all!  

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