Quirky embroidered cushion series

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My quirky cushion... the first one in a cushionfrontseries.... sold to a lovely lady at the vintage market... She rushed up, said she had to have it as a gift for a friend, and while she wasn't planning on spending so much she knew she was buying something original and special. As with some of the other items we had at the market it was a new cushion I designed and made with a vintage image of a pointing hand and 1920's 30's lettering. The back of the cushion was envelope style and finished with vintage coat buttons fastened with piping. cushionback         The one constant in the series will be the pointing hand in different forms... meh   ... you can see the finished embroidery before sewing, with more subtle toning...more subtle even that the picture shows. It doesn't have a red stain on the material ...which is all dark moss green (that's my inside photography in a hurry!) Now the cushion is actually completed, meh1again with an envelope back but this time across the width of the cushion and held closed with snaps (studs) rather than buttons. The embroidery still looks a little more obvious than it really is... but the material colour is more accurate In the meantime I'm compiling a list of possible layouts and smart one-liners for the rest of the series... feel free to submit interesting ones!    

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