Elegant Brass Bangle

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It was lovely to spend a day in the studio last weekend working on something which wasn't for either of the markets but rather a part of the specialised (occasionally random) things I make.Sometimes it is to try out a design, other times to practice a process...and sometimes to remind myself that the sense of satisfaction when creating original individual items is terrific. There are a few projects which I've started then left to sit while I work on other things and think about them.. they are still waiting there... though the 3D Cloud series has, since starting, increased from 10 designs to currently sitting on 14... and I'm not prepared to say that will be the finish Last weekend the simple elegant brass bangle was waiting for me to find sufficient time to do the accurate placing, drilling, fitting and riveting to connect the clasp and polish and finish it off.  One thing I have found fascinating, especially when purchasing materials from overseas, is finding that half my materials are metric while the balance are still in imperial. Sometimes this makes little difference but at other times........! Anyway... after lining up and drilling, each hole needed to be made just a little bigger for the riveting... once I'd worked that out it was pretty straight forward but I had to remind myself to not rush as a slip on the brass bangle would mark it horribly ...I had no intention of patterning the bangle... I wanted to retain its lines and not distract from the brass connector. Enough of this here is the finished bangle...Bangle2a Bangle1a

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