Craft and Vintage Markets we'll be at over winter

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cropped-IMG_0371.jpgSo now the madness of two different markets on consecutive weekends in June is over

winter-markets-2013 (1) we are able to start planning for the next few months...The normal Little Big Market is on the first Saturday of each month and the Little Vintage Market is two weeks later on the third Saturday of each month. They're both at Mount Maunganui though they use two different venues and have different atmospheres. From now we have a realistic time-frame giving us time to replenish stock in between... There isn't much which goes to both markets so it's a case of ensuring we don't find ourselves short for either one.. to make life more fun we have different space allowances at the two markets so have to plan for that as well... who said it would be a walk in the park? Luckily Michael's onto improving our lighting and Kels is widening the range of jewellery with re-purposed 22 casings and new resin ideas... when we told customers at the Lantern market we were pretty diverse (or is that divergent?) we weren't kidding! Every evening is a hive of activity. We had considered attending a weekly market in a car park running in another town until 11 pm - every Saturday night - but found the lack of information about security and being able to be close to our vehicle put us off going any further...along with the necessity to make even more stock, which could prove overwhelming...  I think we'll stay with the craft/vintage/designer field... it is a better fit with what we currently make and are looking to creating in the future.

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