3D Cloud Series continues to grow

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While we're leading up to the vintage market next Saturday there is not a lot new...apart from more crochet beanies and scoods so we have a wide rang of colours.              That said... what a busy Sunday...I'd decided I really needed to bite the bullet and finish a couple of pieces and also take courage and refresh myself on soldering silver..the pictures from which will be in posts during this week.

The Cloud Series continues...This pendant is aluminium, perspex, brass and fimo.Clouds2The spacers on the two aluminium rivets joining the aluminium cloud and the brass sun together give a genuine 3D view while the perspex is riveted separately and is a soft grey... I'm not totally satisfied with the connection between pendant and chain so that will be something to work on before the next one... However it does hang well and looks good against  black background (see below)... Of course a lighter backing would highlight that you are looking through the perspex to the silver aluminium cloud.Cloud2on

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