3D brass and aluminium cuff...the process explained

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cuff1 cuff2cuff3 I thought it would be interesting to make note of the process of designing and constructing the three dimensional cloud series cuff. (3D Cloud Series) The first step was the design...I had already created the base cuff in aluminium.. sawing, sanding, hammering, and shaping it so I had a silver looking cuff ... the hammer marks looking like rain on the metal. I wanted to add a 3d element and while working on something quite unrelated I suddenly thought that a brass band with a cut out shaped like umbrellas might look good over the silver cuff. So the umbrella pattern was developed on paper which was then attached to the brass strip I'd already sawed, shaped and sanded...with double sided tape. That strip is about 1.5 cm wide (the cuff is 2cm wide) and the pattern required a significant amount of really fine hand sawing Umbrella(no laser cutters here!) Sanding to round off any sharp edges and smooth out the saw marks followed and then some serious fine sanding and polishing. The final step was drilling holes and cold connecting the two metals together with brass rivets...a final polish finished it off. The effect of the golden coloured brass over the silvery aluminium is very effective while the hammer texture behind the smooth umbrellas gives the effect I was looking for.    

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